Stuermer Sells Historical, Iconic Guitars, Basses to Benefit Cancer Research

The Official Daryl Stuermer of Genesis Reverb Shop is now open. In it, you’ll find more than 100 guitars, basses, studio equipment, and other pieces of gear used on Genesis and Phil Collins tours, as well as Stuermer’s many solo records. A portion of proceeds will benefit cancer care and research.

“These instruments were used on tours from Miami to Melbourne and are infused with so many memories of playing for people around the world,” Stuermer says. “It’s time I parted with some of them so they can live on and inspire the next generation of musicians ready to make the same magic.”

Among the guitars and basses that will be available in The Official Daryl Stuermer of Genesis Reverb Shop is a 1997 Fender American Strat used during Phil Collins’ 1997 The Trip Into the Light World Tour. “I have a vivid memory of playing ‘In the Air Tonight’ on this guitar in Paris, using it to create that slow build before the drums kick in,” said Stuermer.

Check it out here:

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